Antipasti (Appetizer)

  1. VERDURE GRIGLIATE Tshs 10,000

(mix of grilled vegetables)

  1. PRIMAVERA Tshs 11,000

(mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, oregano, olives, bread)

  1. CAPRESE  Tshs  11,000

(fresh tomato, mozzarella, black olives, onion, basil, toasted bread)

  1. BRUSCHETTE           Tshs  11,000

(six slides toasted bread, fresh tomato, olive oil, cheese)





  1. CONTADINO Tshs  12,000

(salami (cow or pork meat), cheese , olives, toasted bread)

  1. INSALATA DI POLLO Tshs 14,000

  (chicken, onion, green pepper, carrot, mayonnaise)

  1. INSALATA DI MARE calamari,prawns Tshs 15,000

  (seasoned with lemon, olive oil, garlic, vegetables)



– Al POMODORO                                                                              Tshs  13,000

(tomato sauce, basil topped with Parmesan)

 ALL’ARRABBIATA                                                                            Tshs  14,000

  (tomato sauce, garlic, chill, onion, Parmesan)

– ALL’AMATRICIANA                                                                      Tshs  15,000

  (tomato sauce,, bacon, Parmesan)

ALLA BOLOGNESE                                                                           Tshs  15,000

(minced meat and tomato sauce,  Parmesan )

– ALLA CARBONARA                                                                        Tshs  15,000

  (egg, bacon  or egg plant sauce, Parmesan)

– AL CURRY  e  ZAFFERANO                                                           Tshs  15,000

(curry, saffron, tomato, chicken, fresh cream, Parmesan)

– AL TONNO                                                                                     Tshs  15,000

  (tuna, tomato sauce)

Home made pasta (fresh)

– RAVIOLI                                                                                        Tshs  16,000

  (home made pasta stuffing with vegetables; parmesan, cream and ham)

– LASAGNE  with meat or Vegetarian                                           Tshs  16,000

(minced meat/mixed vegetables, tomato and beshamel sauce, Parmesan )

– TAGLIATELLE        Tshs  16,000

(fresh home made pasta seasoned with cream and ham or alla bolognese)





 – GNOCCHI                                                                                      Tshs  16,000

(home made pasta made with potatoes seasoned with Gorgonzola cheese or tomato sauce & Parmesan)





COTOLETTA  MILANESE                         Tshs  15,000

(fried fillet steak covered with breadcrumbs & eggs)







– SCALOPPINE                       Tshs  15,000

(fillet steak seasoned with white wine, flour and lemon sauce)




  – SPIEDINI (mishkaki)@      Tshs    5,000

(Four pieces of fillet meat per stick)






– FRITTO di CALAMARI                                                                   Tshs  16,000

  (fried calamari)

– FRITTO di GAMBERI                                                                     Tshs  16,000

(fried prawns)

– FRITTO MISTO                                                                               Tshs  17,000

(fried calamari & prawns)


N.B. ASK FOR ITALIAN CAKES home made by order

TAKE AWAY  LUNCH BOX   AND PIZZA BOX       @     Tshs 1,000

 N.B. One extra topping                        Tshs  1,000


To protect the environment and save your money please recycle your pizza  boxes

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